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Ocean Side Massage

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Massage treatments  offer a number of significant health benefits. A relaxing massage is known to relieve several conditions, including:

• Anxiety
• Headaches
• Digestive Problems
• Insomnia
• Soft Tissue Strains
• Sports Injuries
• Fibromyalgia Pain

 all of our massages, we use 100% organic  High quality of coconuts oil for further benefit and provide aromatherapy. 

We customize each treatment to your specific needs. Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian traditional technique), Swedish , Reflexology and Eastern Modalities.
We use only  eco detergent . 

massage space is just in front of ocean .Beautiful ocean view , Breeze and Sounds of Wave will provide additional healing effect.

We also provide hot Tub  for further result .

We located on Alii drive .just 6 min from center of Kona.




Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi massage  uses the ancient techniques of the Ancient Hawaiian . It is based around creating a connection between body, mind, and spirit, and helps to revitalize the body while bringing a balanced feeling of well-being.


Swedish Massage

The most common form of massage; this technique combines long strokes, friction, and kneading to relax tired muscles and improve circulation. This massage helps to relieve tension and stress and will leave you feeling relaxed and at peace.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach the deepest muscle and fascia layers. This treatment is also often used to rehabilitate  injuries and assist with chronic pain and discomfort.

Hands on Energy Healing .

Hands on Energy healing would reach to deeper level of your being .Charge , Balance and Cleanse of your energy field .Enhance recover from injury , operation and un-ease condition .Works on your emotional , mental , spiritual level also . Yurika is lisenced Barbara Brennan Healing Practitioner .

Yurika Nozaki 

LMT # 13565


Barbara Brennan Healing Practitioner 




60 min $70~90

90min $100~130

including complimentary aromatherapy during your massage.



Cash ,Venmo , Credit card




Combination of hot tubs and massages is the best way to relax. .

Enjoy the Wide view of the ocean .. We have a fantastic view of ocean and you will enjoy watching surfers ride on waves .


We’ll provide you ultimate natural relaxation and peace.



One Person - $45 (from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM)

Additional Person - $20 Each (No More than 2 Guests per Tub)
Rates are Based on One Hour

24 hours notice and prepaid $45 required



Free parking on Alii drive in front of the house .



77-6300 Alii Drive Kailua Kona Hi 96740



* Reschedule fee would be cost $10 .

please come a bit earlier .


* A 24-hour notice of cancellation or change is required on all reservations or appointments to avoid a full-service charge.


* Prices are subject to all applicable taxes and can change without notice.


​Hawaiian Detox

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What is Hawaiian Detox?

Hawaiian Detox is a detoxication method of drinking seawater, which has been transmitted to the Hawaii since ancient times and we revived it to the present time and arranged it especially for the Japanese.

When people in Hawaii were injured or not good in physical condition or gastrointestine condition, they gouged the seawater, and rinsed the mouth with water, then took a bite of sugarcane to take out saltines in their mouth.

People utilized sea water's laxative effect, intestinal cleansing, and for a while cutting off food.  They rested and waited for recovery by natural healing power.

Based on this teaching, Yurika style Hawaiian Detox balances mind, body, and pH value, and increases natural healing power in a short period of time while doing intestinal cleansing and mild fasting.

Hawaiian Detox uses Hawaiian Kona Deep Sea Salt.
This is the most safe and trusted sea salt on the planet because Hawaiian deep seawater current is free from microplastic and uncontaminated.
We make our special Detox water with Alkaline water, organic lemon, and deep sea salt.  It is almost same with ocean  water which is  3 times deluted .
By making alkaline detox water with this original recipe and drink it, inside of the body is cleansed.

Take vitamin, mineral, and enzyme from herbs and aromas such as frankincense and turmeric, lemon seawater, organic fresh cpld pressed vegetable juice, and super fruits smoothie.  It able to cleansing / detoxing and same time Charging energy and nutrition.

Fresh organic vegetable and fruits are full of mana (spirit) and they are completely different from animal food or chemical seasoning. You will realize they increase immunity and natural vital power.

Detox and purification which have effect not only on cell level but also influence emotional body and spiritual side.
Spend carefully by paying attention to dreams and emotions.

Let’s try this once and get clean intestinal and beautiful body by taking it to a part of your daily life.

*This detox acts on a whole body.
It’s very powerful, but the process is mild and you will rarely feel hungry.

100% Kona Deep Sea Salt
-Contamination free, the safest on the planet pure-white crystals
made from deep seawater-

An outstanding element of Kona Sea Salt is its whiteness.

The pristine deep seawater from 2,000 ft. deep off the coast of Kona in Hawaii Island is protected from contamination and bacterium.

This purity of crystals reflecting as whiteness consists in every powder of Kona Sea Salt.

Kona Sea Salt from 100% deep seawater is produced after having being left to evaporate under the breeze and the sunlight of Kona Island and packed each one carefully by hand.


Why is the natural sea salt made from deep seawater good for health?

Sea salt functions to help you maintain well-balanced physical and mental condition. Salt of 99% sodium chloride tends to be avoided as being likely to cause high blood pressure. However, natural salt contains a large amount of various well-balanced minerals necessary for human body such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.

The seawater of 675m deep taken as the base of Kona Sea Salt enjoys much more minerals in the water compared to the surface water since phytoplankton cannot habit. Minerals that help the enzymes function in the organization and formation of the human body are essential and indispensable nutrients to our bodies.

What are the effects of Hawaiian Detox?

High diet effect , 2-4Kg weight loss in 3 days.
Whitening and skin-beautifying effect by ameliorating dullness of skin.
Dissolving obstinate constipation by powerful intestinal cleansing!

Long time constipation, dyspeptic, atopic or pimple, chronic fatigue, arthralgia, radiation contamination, environmental pollution, metal contaminant, food pollution, daily stress, depression, menopausal disorder.

Strengthen the natural healing power, immunity, and improve your health.
Increase physical vitality and spiritual clarity.
Increase consciousness of spiritual oneness and well-balanced life.

Diet effect without effort.

Improve period pain, irregular periods, and heavy menstrual bleeding.
Beautifully whitening effect・・・Improve condition of color and gloss of skin.
Mental effect・・・Improve feelings

Improve eating habits.
Improve life style.

To supply nutrition, and to detoxify and purify every 60 trillion cells of our body is worthy approach to our health and vitality.

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Hawaiian Detox Menu

1day course  9:00-19:00


Seawater solution, fruits smoothie

(including dietary and body condition check counseling)

$200 (tax and chip included)

*Short course  (9:00-16:00)

$150 (tax and chip included)

*half day

$90 (tax and chip included)

3 day course 9:00-19:00 x 3 days

Combination of mild fasting and detox water made of lemon seawater.

Total Hawaiian Detox 3 days course.

(including dietary and body condition check counseling)



Cash ,Venmo , Credit card


Lymans Beach House  77-6300 Alii Dri Kailua Kona Hi 96740

Apply here

text 808-937-5460 or

Oahu Waikiki Room Rental


Room in aparthotel hosted by Yurika

the room has great view and perfect location !

Steps to the Beach and Right across from the Zoo and Queen Kapiolani Park
Facing East with Views of Diamond Head and partial Ocean views.
Everything near by !

You will have fun and comfortable waikiki beach life !

The space

We have Private Wi-Fi in the suite & it is Fully Functioning
Inside the unit is a Queen wall bed unit to save space, also a flat screen TV with DVD player, full size fridge,

microwave and 2 burner cook top.

>> For more details

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